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Committee Assignments

Board Committees – Purpose & Structure

Committees are advisory to the WS POA Board and meet as needed. The Community Managers are ex-officio members of the committee. Department Supervisors are invited to meetings as deemed necessary.

WS POA Board Liaison to Affiliated Entities

Carlyn Bluis – Chair
Purpose – to coordinate with and effectively communicate with affiliated entities and represent the interests of Westwood Shores POA at such meetings

WS POA Liaison with ACC

Carol Cheek
Purpose – to serve as the non-voting POA Board liaison with the ACC in accord with Article 3 of the Consolidated, Restated and Amended RR&C for Westwood Shores

Standing Committees

Executive Council

Members – Carlyn Bluis – President, Carol Cheek – Secretary/Treasurer, and David Grounds – Vice-President
Purpose – To preview major matters of importance or consideration as the officers of the Board and present recommendations to the Board accordingly

Access Control

Chairman – Dottie Bateman. Members – David Grounds, Pat Runion, Pete Araiza, Randy Bonnette, Libby Rhoden, Clayton Creel – Operations Manager, and Mark Cole – Board Liaison
Purpose – To review Access Control operations and make recommendations to the Board

Budget Committee

Board Members – Carlyn Bluis, Rick Renfro, and David Bleakney
Purpose – work with management to coordinate long-range plans developed by committees and departments and prepare the annual budget for presentation to the Board by October

Country Club

Co-Chairmen – Carlyn Bluis and David Grounds. Members – Dottie Bateman, Karen Atkinson, Theresa Gallagher, Susan Keel, Patti Rau, Carrie Baker, Steve Wright, Rick Alba, and Donna Bonnette.
Purpose – to review Country Club operations and make recommendations to
the Board

Lake Management

Chairman – David Grounds. Members – Dottie Bateman, Judy Goodman, Ernie Heinrich, Sandra Kenne, Lonnie Castleman, and Garrett Liedtke
Purpose – to review management of the interior lakes for the general use and recreational fishing by the property owners and make recommendations to the Board.


Chairman – Rick Renfro. Members – Pat Runion, Sally Herrington, Terry Wood, George Gallagher, Donna Bonnette, and Clayton Creel – Operations Manager
Purpose – review the maintenance operations and make recommendations to the Board for improvements


Chairman – Rick Renfro. Members – George Gallagher, Tiffany Moyer, David Bleakney
Purpose – to study internal and external marketing strategies to promote sales and enhance property values in WS and make recommendations to the Board

Streets and Roads

Chairman – Carlyn Bluis. Members – John Wolfe, George Gallagher, Terry Wood, Pat Runion, Ernie Heinrich, Dave Habada and Clayton Creel – Operations Manager
Purpose – review the streets and roads and make recommendations to the Board for repairs and improvements

Neighborhood Watch Task Force

Coordinator – Carlyn Bluis with Diana Barak
Purpose – to maintain a Neighborhood Watch Night Out Program

Wildlife Committee

Chairman – Pat Runion. Members – David Grounds, Mark Cole, and Bob Welton
Purpose – To review the wildlife management policy and procedures and their enforcement and work with Texas Parks and Wildlife to ensure residents and the natural wildlife in Westwood Shores co-exist with each other.

Ad Hoc Committees – To Be Formed As Needed